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Thank you for visiting my website and for taking an interest in what I do, it means a lot to me. The purpose of this site is to act as a sharing-platform for my artistic and scholarly undertakings on the interconnection between our very capable bodies, the culture we live in, art making and education. 


Although I did not start my formal dance training until I was 23, I have been dancing all my life. It was my 15 years as a Danish performance gymnast (not to be confused with the Olympic discipline) that really shaped me into the mover and performer I am today. The dynamic quality foregrounded in Danish performance gymnastics is that of Humphrey/Limon technique, and I therefore describe my personal movement vocabulary as embodying rhythms of fall and recovery with a keen sense of the interplay between weight and weightlessness, along with an embodied curiosity juxtaposing abstract and linear bodylines.

As an educator and choreographer, I am drawn to the sophisticated simplicity of the human body; its exterior structure misleadingly simple in comparison to the underlying mechanics that not only keep us functioning, but also enable us to interact with the world. I engage in movement, technology and props to create thought provoking and visually stimulating dance experiences. On stage, in the studio and on the screen, my work explores authenticity and transformation and aims to encourage the student/ audiences to engage with knowledge derived from the body. 

Throughout my gymnastic career, I had the opportunity to tour extensively, as well as teaching at renowned universities and institutions around the world. I hold a Bachelor of Art with emphasis in pedagogy from the Norwegian College of Dance, a first-class honor post-graduate degree from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and a Master of Fine Art in dance from The Ohio State University.

As a dancer, I have had the pleasure of working collaboratively with various choreographers, such as Henri Oguike, Darshan Singh-Buller, Wendy Houston, Francesco Scavetta, Sølvi Edvardsen, Tatiana Baganova, and others.

I am an Assistant Professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore County - Department of Dance.


I would like to specially thank photographer, Molly Morgan for her brilliant work featured here on my site.

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