Movement is at the heart of my work, as are my commitment to explore physicality and its compositional possibilities. My work is grounded in experimentation with movement, sound, space, and time in response to questions of presence, transformation, trace, and memory. I am particularly drawn to the body as a repository of spatial, sensory and emotional experiences and how to use these existing structures of knowing in and through the body as a lens to examine literal and abstract notions of living, transforming, tracing and recollecting. 


For me, dance is problem-solving that engages with the physical world and the resistance it provides. I engage with improvisational task-solving in the creation of movement material for my dances as a way to work with limitations and the unforeseen possibilities that arise as I engage in sensory awareness and a spirit of inquiry sourcing from the archived spatial, sensory and emotional experiences that makes up my body’s individualized movement vocabulary. While my body is the first site of my creative research, my collaborative practice in which I create together with the bodies and personalities that I am working with, provides a site for experimentation at which individual and collective knowledge can be pushed in new directions. 


Building on the tenets of postmodern and contemporary dance, I craft palpable structured layers of motion, movement, space and time that exist in topographical soundscapes. I use visual storyboarding to translate movement ideas generated from and on the performers that I am collaborating with into cohesive compositions, and I work extensively with props to create a theatrical atmosphere, or to reinforce a narrative, as well as to broaden my approach to conceptions of structure. My work are visual abstractions through which I examine my continually evolving relationship with my surroundings. 


I believe the body is capable of so much and I work seriously at taking the time and space to discover its knowledge-making potential, to think about how dance has functioned for me and how it can serve people. I make use of the stage, public spaces and film to create experiences in which questioning can happen. In using composition and embodied ways of knowing to re-imagining the relationship to our own body and others, I invite viewers to join a journey I want to discover myself that involves questioning perceptions and creating new realizations.