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The work I create centers on my commitment to exploring physicality and its compositional possibilities. I use composition and embodied ways of knowing to re-imagine the relationship between my body and others.

My study of the body as a repository of physical, spatial, sensory, and emotional experiences involves questioning perceptions and creating new realizations. This exploratory process of investigating and organizing separate lines of information into one coherent whole is guided by my interest in the dancing body as a problem-solver that engages with the physical world and the resistance it provides. 

I use composition and embodied ways of knowing to craft works that take into consideration how my continually evolving understanding of the space and place I inhabit is established and maintained, along with the possible impact and consequence.

My body is the first site of my creative research, and my collaborative practice offers a place for experimentation at which individual and collective knowledge can be pushed in new directions. 

I create for the stage, public spaces, and film that aim to offer experiences in which questioning can happen.

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