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DA[N]CE Denmark 

Danish American Performi[n]g Art & Cultural Exchange


This study abroad program is a training, performance, choreography-lab, teaching and cultural exchange program that is committed to engage with dance as a creative movement practice with many forms of expression. The program invites college students from America to visit Denmark and immerses them in various choreographic processes balanced with the stimulation of cultural exchange. 


I have developed two versions of DA[N]CE Denmark program


University of Maryland, Baltimore County


DANCE DENMARK (UMBC) is an intensive three-week long faculty-led study abroad program during the Winter Session that foregrounds dance as a lens through which students learn about the cultural fabric of Denmark, community engagement and meaningful social change. The program consists of two key components: 1) Dance studies – embodied study of contemporary and urban dance forms; and 2) Danish culture immersion. The cultural component includes looking at the influence dance and other performance forms have on the rise and shaping of social democracy in Denmark; first-hand experiences of Danish culture through authentic social exchange; and visits to historical and cultural sites.


Students enrolled in one of the University System of Maryland institutions are eligible for enrolling in this program when offered.  



The Ohio State University


DANCE DENMARK (OSU) is an intensive four-week long faculty-led study abroad program during the summer Session 1. Designed as a performance and choreographic lab, the objective of this program is to provide the participants’ opportunities for experimentation and collaboration through the process of creating new work as well as learning set choreography. In placing emphasis on the creative process, the objective is to broaden the dancers’ artistic expression and build confidence. DANCE Denmark (OSU) culminates in performances open to the public in different parts of Denmark. The program also includes teaching workshops for different youth groups, and participants with an interest in teaching will be able to focus on dance pedagogy and receive coaching for the program's instructors.


Only enrolled dance majors in good standing at the Department of Dance (OSU) are eligible to audition for this program. 

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