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DA[N]CE Denmark


... is a performance, choreography-lab, teaching and cultural exchange program that is committed to engage with dance as a creative movement practice with many forms of expression.

The program invites promising young college dance students from America to visit Denmark and immerses them in various choreographic processes balanced with the stimulation of cultural exchange. DANCE Denmark is partnering with Gerlev Sports Academy, an institution that since it was founded in 1938 has been highly focused on developing and creating excitement about movement and sports. Gerlev has pioneered pedagogical activity in Denmark and contributed to revising the image of creative movement through parkour and dancing. At Gerlev, tolerance, openness, community and freedom are the keywords.

The idea behind DA[N]CE Denmark is to creative a platform where movement and performance ideas across the spectrum of concert dance, acrobatics and urban dance are being explored. Designed as a performance and choreographic lab, the objective of this program is to provide the participants’ opportunities for experimentation and collaboration through the process of creating new work as well as learning set choreography. In placing emphasis on the creative process, the objective is to broaden the dancers’ artistic expression and build confidence. DANCE Denmark culminates in various performances open to the public.

The program also includes teaching workshops for different youth groups, and participants with an interests in teaching will be able to focus on dance pedagogy and receive coaching for the program's instructors.

As of now, DA[N]CE Denmark has only been offered through The Ohio State University's Office of International Affairs' study abroad program. Future plans includes developing this in to an independent program that collaborates with multiple universities across the States. 

Visit the www.dancedenmark.com to read about the 2017 program.