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I have always been interested in movement and its realization through patterns, both in the visual sense as well as the patterning of knowledge that takes place in the body as it receives and interprets information. Through my choreographic work, I seek to creative experiential environments through dance that evoke reflection on the multifaceted human experience. My artistic practice is a gateway for experimenting with movement, space, time and duration – constructing new visual abstractions through which to examine our continually evolving relationship with our surroundings. I ground my work in my ongoing investigations of how new knowledge can emerge from the re-working of existing structures of knowledge within the body. 


My work explores none-traditional performance-spaces and the use of stage-props as tools to reimagine space, and my create practice includes working with and analyzing the use of task-solving in the creation of movement material for dance. I engage with task-solving as a way to work with limitations which for me focuses on noticing and selecting possible solutions and translating these choices choreographically. 


When going into a creative process, I always take in account whose bodies am I creating from and on. As an artist, I am interested in creating together with the bodies and personalities that I am collaborating with, not forcing an idea onto the bodies in which I am work with. When dance is honestly embodied through the bodies represented on the stage it has the ability to enhance, challenge, and inform its own art form and beyond. Collaboration provides a site for experimentation at which individual and collective knowledge can be pushed in new directions. 

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