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Da[n]ce Denmark

It is now official. The summer of 2017, I will have the pleasure of touring Denmark with fifteen OSU dance majors. DANCE IN DENMARK is a 5 ½ week performance, teaching and cultural exchange program that is committed to engage with dance as a creative movement practice with many forms of expression. The program invites participants to engage in bridging cultural understand between Denmark and the United States of America.

Participants will experience the largest sports and culture festival in Denmark where they will perform at the International Gala Show, at outdoors venues in Aalborg downtown and at various events in partnership with Gerlev Performance Team. Participants will also experience the largest 4th of July celebration outside of the United States, which takes place in Rebild Bakker, northern Jutland. Here students will perform for the US ambassador and hundreds of guests.

The program also includes taking classes with the dance students from Gerlev Sports Academy lead by a variety of instructors, rehearsals, teach workshops for different youth groups and lead/partake in weekly dialog sessions with students from Gerlev Sports Academy. We will visit Copenhagen; participants will stay with host families, take master classes, teach workshops, explore the city on bicycles and meet leaders within the field of dance to hear about dance in Denmark as well as Europe.

The dates are May 28th - July 6th 2017

Photo by Franco Jauregui
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