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Rochester Fringe Festival

I had the pleasure of being invited by Tammy Carrasco and Sarah Levitt to partake in Feathered Landing: A Convergence of Dances, an evening-length show presenting an eclectic collection of dances that celebrates the existing relationships between artists in Columbus and Rochester, linking the cities as thriving and corresponding artist centers.

My return to the stage as a performer, after a 7-year hiatus, was the foundation for my new and first solo work Zero Hour. This work was an investigation into time, present and experienced. The notion that what has been is very much a part of the now, lead me to questioning what is the state of "nowness" - who am I now in this particular moment [physically and mentally]?

A special thank you to Tammy Carrasco and Sarah Levitt for inviting me to take part in this event, and I am looking forward to continue the promotion of artist collaboration across state lines.

Photo by Franco Jauregui
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