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Faculty Concert 2017

Together with my cast of seven first-year students and one sophomore, we created a new work tilted Color in the Dark that premiered on the Faculty Concert November 30th 2017.

Here is a review written by Fenella Kennedy:

"From a new choreographer to one I always look forward to seeing: Ann Sofie Clemmensen’s work is consistently intelligent, structurally designed, a treat for the audience and for the bodies moving through it. Color in the Dark is no different, channeling kinetic precision and group identity into a striking investigation of presence, absence, the invisible and the seen. The cast brings a resonant physical and emotional maturity to the work: Danielle Barker standing still as the stage vibrates around her, fists to eyes, is one of the most memorable images of the night. The dancers throw themselves at the floor and each other, chaos translating seamlessly into order and back again."

Photo by Franco Jauregui
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