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10th International Choreographers Week

I am very excited to have been selected for this great opportunity. March 7th - 11th, 2020

The International Choreographers Week (ICW) is a platform for meeting and exchange. It offers choreographers and dance artists from all over the world the opportunity to learn from each other and enrich themselves despite – or perhaps because of – their differing approaches. Over the course of five days, a program of workshops, readings, introductory visits, meetings, meals, presentations and discussions is offered, with and by people with expertise from the dance world and other domains. The core of this program will be formed by the workshops of the international operating dramaturge Guy Cools and workshops and encounters with (inter)national operating choreographers. Guy Cools works and worked with renowned artists such as Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Akram Khan, Daniele Desnoyers and Arno Schuitemaker and has a large number of publications on his name in the field of dramaturgy and choreographic practice.

The ICW revolves around dialogue, reflection, inspiration, confrontation and collaboration, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Thanks to the participation of choreographers from all directions of the compass, there is constant interchange. Each participant is asked to share his or her craftsmanship and insights. Each participant is asked to bring along a research question linked to a work he or she is creating or preparing.

Photo by Franco Jauregui
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