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Awarded the CIRCA-IMET Artist-in-Residency

I am very proud to announce that my proposal "BodyScopy" was selected for the 4th CIRCA-IMET AIR program 2022-2023.

Through a series of short experimental dance-for-camera works, the project asks what can be learned from transposing the kinetic world of microorganisms on the human body, and can the language of the moving body convey the stress that human actions have on marine health. Utilizing sensory, visual, and kinetic communication, the outcome of BodyScopy will be a multichannel video installation that presents new perspectives on the work being done to protect and preserve healthy marine ecosystems.

The award is intended to support and promote significant collaborative research in the Arts between colleagues at IMET and UMBC. The awardee will receive a release from teaching in the Fall semester (one course release, with permission of the Chairperson) and a research stipend of $5,000 in order to conceive, establish, or accelerate a substantial project that engages IMET scientists and ventures. In addition, IMET commits $2,000 towards supplies and materials. IMET will provide office space for the awardee and, if necessary, can also make available a studio space. IMET will work with the awardee to provide opportunities to engage with a wide range of scientists and to present work and have discussions with IMET stakeholders, including faculty, students, and start-up companies in the IMET Harbor Launch business incubator.

Stay tuned for project updates.

Photo by Franco Jauregui
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