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Director of UMBC's Linehan Artist Scholars Program

It is a great honor that I can announce this exiting development for me as the new Linehan Artist Scholars Program Director - I am ready for the exciting challenges and rigorous work that lies ahead. My teaching, creative research, and service to the arts continues to be about examining ideas and looking at different versions of myself. I am looking forward to bringing my appreciation for the different, yet also interconnected ways the arts enable critical thinking into the work with the scholars. Furthermore, I am excited about joining with the student scholars in investigating the ways we as artists can use our imagination and our individual creative history to effect change. For the next three years, alongside my work in the dance department, I will be bringing my experiences as a mentor, art advocator, and servant leader to the center of interdisciplinary rigor. As the director, I am looking forward to taking part as an artist, educator, and leader in the work of foregrounding the arts at UMBC as important players in academia and in our society.

Photo by Franco Jauregui
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