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Thank you for such a thoughtful meeting today, and for your extremely helpful feedback! I left feeling inspired to try new things, and also validated that I’m on the right track. I can’t wait to expand what I’m doing and share it with the students. Thank you for your commitment to good teaching! I love having this dialogue with you, as I learn so much!

Todd Eckert, MFA in Dance 2017

We humans not only desire and inspire to understand the environment surrounding us, we want to influence the world we live in.

Through exchanging ideas and placing emphasis on our ability to imagine and create, we humans find ourselves advancing our complexity as much as we find answers to what we were looking for.

As an educator and movement creator, I believe in the power of communication, whether it is through words, sounds or physical expression.

Communication is about being involved, concerned and invested. Art and education deals with and foster involvement by asking us to be concerned and invested.

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